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Nail Technician Extra Classes 

These are classes for students or licensed professionals who need a little more help in these areas.  You can purchase a kit for each class if needed.  

1-on-1 Acrylic Class


This is a 4 hour class that will teach you:

  • How to lay product effectively to eliminate filing

  • Liquid to Powder Ratio

  • Proper bead control

  • Speed Control

  • Proper tip Sizing or Form Control

Stateboard Practial Class


This is a 2 hour class that will run you through the practical exam.  Great refresher and for those who need a in person class. 

Prepared Stateboard Kit can be purchased for $100

Stateboard Theory Study Prep


We will provide you with study material to help you prepare for the NIC exam.  Short lessons are included and a mock exam.

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